Telegram: How to collect posts from Telegram (public groups, super groups or channels)

Communalytic can collect and analyze messages from public Telegram groups, super groups and channels (including replies to posts) via the Telegram API for any given time period (up to 31 days for EDU, and any length of time for PRO).

1. Getting a Telegram API key

To collect data from Telegram, each Communalytic users must first obtain their own Telegram API key. Instruction on how to do this can be found here.

2. Adding your Telegram API key in Communalytic 

Once you have retrieved your API key from Telegram, add it to your user profile on Communalytic. After your key is automatically validated, you are ready to collect data from Telegram.

3. Collect Telegram Data

Go to the [My Datasets] page in Communalytic and select [Telegram] as the data source to create your new dataset.

Note: The Telegram API restricts data collection to about 5-6k posts cap per day. If Communalytic cannot collect all posts corresponding to your query because you have reached your daily data cap, the collection will automatically resume in 24 hours.

  1. Start by entering a dataset name; it can be any name of your choosing to distinguish this dataset from others in your account.
  2. Next, enter the username of a public group or channel. (You can browse third-party catalogs, such as tgstat, to find a relevant Telegram channel or group for your research).
  3. Finally, specify the time period for data collection (up to 31 days) and click [Start Data Collection].

Below is an example of a data collection job order in Communalytic. This job order will collect posts shared by the official channel of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi (V_Zelenskiy_official) posted between Oct 1, 2022 and Oct 10, 2022 to the dataset Ukraine_Zelenskiy.

4. Important information for the first time users

If this is your first dataset from Telegram, after clicking on the [Start Data Collection] button in Communalytic in Step 3, you may be asked to confirm your [Data export request] via Telegram App.

If you see an error message after starting your new Telegram data collection, check the Telegram app on your phone and look for a system message from Telegram. If you see this message, hit the [Allow] button in the message (as shown in the screenshot below). Once Telegram receives your confirmation via Telegram app, Communalytic will automatically resume data collection in under 20 min.