YouTube Data Structure

A sample YouTube data output (with 3 messages):

UgwI-BQNi0HaYs4S9H14AaABAg2023-09-16T07:40:08ZDeb EdeAmber probably didn’t listen during this testimony. Rewatching now, I’m still baffled how perfectly Dr Curry nailed her personality disorders.ThreadUCuh6uhjCWf5zwC9eiDQa2_Q 0
9nsYphlhebR9o5WXqP64sp2023-04-04T18:59:30ZJohnny Depp❤️Thank you for your unending love and support you have consistently shown me in such difficult moments. I’m forever grateful. I really appreciate your unconditional love to me and every effort exerted by you to cause a change…Where are you watching from?ReplyUCSHSfJUr8tde4TOE-aAuBzgUgwTjzQTYD2ztY13Fm54AaABAgLeonie Mary0
9aIOvic8ss09aIvfy51P9U2022-04-27T00:38:32ZMike@Andy That’s not necessarily true. I have seen many experts in my field who are terrible at articulating themselves.ReplyUCR12mFjvoWQJP-cw8GuEJXgUgwh1ylO3isk2ElRi_x4AaABAgjasmine pearlAndy5

Descriptions of YouTube Data Fields

idUnique identifier for the comment
dateThe date when the comment was created/updated (UTC)
authorPoster’s unique username
textThe main body of the comment
author_channel_idPoster’s unique ID
parent_post_idUnique identifier of the parent postThis field is empty if the comment is not a reply
parent_usernameUsername of the user who started the threadThis field is empty for thread-starting comments
direct_reply_toUsername of the reply-to userThis field is empty if it is not a reply to a reply
likesNumber of likes gained by the comments at the time of data collection.